Teaching The Next Generations The Joy and Sport of Fishing

Fishing came about as a survival technique. The primitive men needed fishing to keep themselves and their tribes’ well-fed special in case they lived in a settlement near the river bank or a seashore. But as a result of a transformational phase where technology and industrialization struck us hard, we found better ways to fish, and people distanced themselves and sought a living in other occupations. However, as they say, “Old is Gold,” so is the sport of fishing – and instead of letting our kids get immersed in the tech gadgets that just locks on their thinking if we let them know how much more fun is fishing, things could be different. In the quest to nurture enjoyment with something more practical and skillful, we went through stuff that could make our children learn survival and find joy with fishing rather than getting a backpack on and run across maps on their smartphone!

It keeps them mobile

Childhood is that age when a body starts developing strength and agility. And if we let our children stay on a couch or bed for like 8 hours of the day without any physical activity, they’ll face weak physical and mental growth. To avoid such deficiencies, fishing is one sport that’s going to help develop physical and psychological strength.

It nurtures patience in them

I might seem anti-modernization or anti-technology, but that’s not the case, I’m just against excessive use of anything. In a world full of gadgets operating at speeds beyond nanoseconds of reaction time tend to make our kids grow restless when things start taking time in providing some desired results. With all the joy that fishing as a sport can bring, it also helps develop the capacity to be patient. Holding patiently to the rod and waiting for the submerged hook to be caught by a fish and then pulling it out improves their ability to wait and keep trying until they can get results. It teaches them how much fun it can be to keep trying instead of getting some artificial and non-practical glee in an AI game.

It helps them get closer to nature while having fun

Fun with nature is unorthodox in our world, getting onto a boat and holding onto a living fish which you are to cook in the next few moments helps them not just be adventurous but also develops the skill to know nature first hand. It allows them to witness the circle of life right in front of them. The food cycle, a chain of events, and the value of conservation are all learned while having fun. Learning from mistakes and much more is more practical and beyond the curriculum with a sport like fishing.

So, it’s not just catching some fishes to eat, but it’s a life lesson that comes along with fishing and the joy of undertaking this sport that’s adventurous as well as handy for living a life that’s more real than anything which they would see in their gadgets.