Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon Fishing Trips

Sturgeon fishing is by far the most exciting freshwater sports in the Northwest. Every year, thousands of enthusiasts explore the waters, in search of the rare delicacy. Northwest region has abundant sturgeons in all sizes. Only a select few are able to grasp large Sturgeons, but feasting on this exotic seafood is achievable for all clients. Sturgeon is by far the most exotic seafood you will ever taste. It has white meat and does not contain fatty substances, making it delicious and a healthy venture.

Fishing is a widespread sport, attracting thousands of adventurists to pursue the waters. However, the real adventure begins when you try fishing Sturgeons. They may be the best fish meat you would taste, but they do not come on board easy. They are strong fighters, which makes the entire experience exhilarating and enjoyable. If you catch a Sturgeon, you surely deserve the taste of its rich and creamy meat. Even a small Sturgeon can make the most enthusiastic fishermen sweat their brows.

Fun facts about Sturgeon fishing:

  • It is highly addictive
  • Their prime season is during April to November
  • Average Sturgeon fish weight between 100 – 300 pounds
  • The largest sturgeon ever caught was 900 pounds, measuring over 11 feet in length
  • Sturgeons are endangered species and requires considerable efforts to breed

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