Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing

If you were to seek an action-packed fishing experience unlike the relaxed Sturgeon fishing, we would surely say its Salmon fishing. One of the most action-packed fish is the Salmon, and you need to hold the rod strong when you’ve got one on the hook.

Columbia River fishing is considered to be a sporting event in itself, and we know exactly when to have your favorite Salmon for you.

What are the three Salmons you would find?

Three prominent seasonal salmons are:

  • Spring Chinook – a high-fat salmon and the best for table fare.
  • Summer Chinook – it’s amongst the largest ones on the list and reaching up to the 30lb range.
  • Fall Chinook – this is one of the most action-packed ones on the list. Getting them on the hook might be easy, but pulling them on the boat isn’t!
  • The Coho Salmon – This is one fish that brings fun for you! Unlimited acrobatics and a head-on fight are what you should be ready for when the Coho is on your line!
  • NW Sturgeon knows your hunger to get a salmon, and we know where to take you for that on the Columbian River. It’s right where the river feeds the ocean that you get your hands on a scrumptious looking Salmon.

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