Dungeness Crabbing (Seasonal)

Dungenous Crabbing (Seasonal)

Found in the eelgrass beds and bottoms of the North American West Coast, the Dungeness crab is a famed delicacy in the region. This species of crabs gets its name from one of its popular habitat, which is the Dungeness Spit in the Strait of Juan De Fuca. This particular area in the Pacific Ocean lies between the US, and Canada is one of the most famous habitats for the Dungeness. Catching this crab is a popular sporting event for crabbers as they compete to find the largest, most meaty crab and boast it.


Unlike crabbing for the smaller species, Dungeness crab is more rewarding as it is quite large. This longer living species is termed by many chefs to be one of the finest ones in the world. While per LB price for a Dungeness crab can be $49.99 to $59.99, catching it yourself is fun at a whole new level.

NW Sturgeon makes Dungeness crabbing fun!

  • We have spots for crabbing across the year, but the best and the meatiest ones are found in November, December, and January.
  • We provide you three pots per person and let you test your luck pulling them out.
  • It’s an experience best enjoyed with friends and family – our guides help you spot the largest one, and that’s when the fun begins!
  • Our favorite spot for getting a hold on the Dungeness easily is at the mouth of the Columbia River.

Join us on this fun-filled crabbing experience! Catch and Cook your Dungeness for a better festivity.


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