Fishing Amidst Uncertainity April 15, 2020

Fishing – To Get You Closer to Life Amidst Uncertainty

Life’s coming to a halt in the alarm that’s raise due to a novel situation caused by the virus outbreak. Unprecedented growth and expansion of cases reported have put major countries on lockdowns, and people are closing themselves with supplies in their homes. Life has transformed like we never knew it before, but with some necessary precautions at hand, we can surely make it through without killing the fun entirely. With uncertainty prevailing across the globe, fishing can surely spark a ray of hope in such times. With this, we begin our list that would surely compel you to go on this trip of a lifetime, which brings you closer to life as it was before we had distorted it so drastically.

Why fishing?

While you could debate over many other options, I would still justify fishing as one of the safest yet closer to life trip. One thing, if you get a small boat and go on this trip with a partner, you two are less vulnerable to contact with others that further reduces your chance of getting the virus. A fishing trip to the river brings you a chance to be up close and personally experience the soothing effect that water has on a tensed mind.

Fishing is surely adventurous

From waiting patiently for fish to take the bait to get hold and pulling it over on the boat, it’s just a couple of seconds in which your life can go from a breeze to a gale. So, fishing is truly one of a kind trip that you’d get in such times of uncertainty when life remains on the brink of falling, and you’ve just witnessed an adrenaline rush that gets you motivated to face challenges once again.

One can enjoy fishing alone and with just one person too

While you would mention many other trips without anyone to accompany you but at some point, you’d have to come in contact with someone. But fishing can be your escaped from the suffocating isolation for some “me time” right in the middle of life as it swims around your vessel. Don’t forget that fishing can surely provide you a chance to refresh yourself as the freshwater can also be used to go for a skinny dip or just keep your feet dipped and feel it flow. This would help you fish from the banks and avoid further human contact with boat owners and even maintain the precautionary distance that’s recommended.

So, take a deep breath, and give it a thought! Do you want to let life squirm and splash for some fun, or do you to give fun another chance? I guessed correctly; you opted for the second option; be safe and happy fishing guys!

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