Custom Built Sturgeon Rods

Now you can buy the very same quality Sturgeon fishing rods that we fish with every day. These are hand crafted custom made Sturgeon fishing rods that your guide Charlie Foster makes. They are brand new and perfect for fishing or for a gift for any avid fisherman. Buy the extraordinary Sturgeon rods for sale today.
I have been using these rods over the last 5 years and I can guarantee you for winter keepers these rods are the real deal. All 870 series are fast action blanks to detect the lightest bite yet heavy enough in the butt to handle the big boys. Preferred weight is 6 to 12 ounces. I have personally landed fish up to 400 lbs on these rods. Teamed up with the Avet SX 5.3:1 and 65 pound Power Pro this is the ultimate set up.
I have been using these blanks for over 15 years and have never broken one. When you are targeting big fish you need the reassurance that your tackle will hold up to the battle. The composite blanks are all medium/fast action and have pulling power like none other. Preferred weight is 12-24 ounces. Teamed up with the Avet LX 6/3 two speed and 100 pound Power Pro these are the ultimate big fish rods.

Please fill in as much as you can and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements and organise a quote. Have a look at our range of custom rods for some ideas.

What kind of fishing is the rod being built for?

Trolling, Jigging, Bottom Bashing