Teaching The Next Generations The Joy and Sport of Fishing

Fishing came about as a survival technique. The primitive men needed fishing to keep themselves and their tribes’ well-fed special in case they lived in a settlement near the river bank or a seashore. But as a result of a transformational phase where technology and industrialization struck us hard, we found better ways to fish, and people distanced themselves and sought a living in other occupations. However, as they say, “Old is Gold,” so is the sport of fishing – and instead of letting our kids get immersed in the tech gadgets that just locks on their thinking if we let them know how much more fun is fishing, things could be different. In the quest to nurture enjoyment with something more practical and skillful, we went through stuff that could make our children learn survival and find joy with fishing rather than getting a backpack on and run across maps on their smartphone!

It keeps them mobile

Childhood is that age when a body starts developing strength and agility. And if we let our children stay on a couch or bed for like 8 hours of the day without any physical activity, they’ll face weak physical and mental growth. To avoid such deficiencies, fishing is one sport that’s going to help develop physical and psychological strength.

It nurtures patience in them

I might seem anti-modernization or anti-technology, but that’s not the case, I’m just against excessive use of anything. In a world full of gadgets operating at speeds beyond nanoseconds of reaction time tend to make our kids grow restless when things start taking time in providing some desired results. With all the joy that fishing as a sport can bring, it also helps develop the capacity to be patient. Holding patiently to the rod and waiting for the submerged hook to be caught by a fish and then pulling it out improves their ability to wait and keep trying until they can get results. It teaches them how much fun it can be to keep trying instead of getting some artificial and non-practical glee in an AI game.

It helps them get closer to nature while having fun

Fun with nature is unorthodox in our world, getting onto a boat and holding onto a living fish which you are to cook in the next few moments helps them not just be adventurous but also develops the skill to know nature first hand. It allows them to witness the circle of life right in front of them. The food cycle, a chain of events, and the value of conservation are all learned while having fun. Learning from mistakes and much more is more practical and beyond the curriculum with a sport like fishing.

So, it’s not just catching some fishes to eat, but it’s a life lesson that comes along with fishing and the joy of undertaking this sport that’s adventurous as well as handy for living a life that’s more real than anything which they would see in their gadgets.

Fishing Amidst Uncertainity

Fishing – To Get You Closer to Life Amidst Uncertainty

Life’s coming to a halt in the alarm that’s raise due to a novel situation caused by the virus outbreak. Unprecedented growth and expansion of cases reported have put major countries on lockdowns, and people are closing themselves with supplies in their homes. Life has transformed like we never knew it before, but with some necessary precautions at hand, we can surely make it through without killing the fun entirely. With uncertainty prevailing across the globe, fishing can surely spark a ray of hope in such times. With this, we begin our list that would surely compel you to go on this trip of a lifetime, which brings you closer to life as it was before we had distorted it so drastically.

Why fishing?

While you could debate over many other options, I would still justify fishing as one of the safest yet closer to life trip. One thing, if you get a small boat and go on this trip with a partner, you two are less vulnerable to contact with others that further reduces your chance of getting the virus. A fishing trip to the river brings you a chance to be up close and personally experience the soothing effect that water has on a tensed mind.

Fishing is surely adventurous

From waiting patiently for fish to take the bait to get hold and pulling it over on the boat, it’s just a couple of seconds in which your life can go from a breeze to a gale. So, fishing is truly one of a kind trip that you’d get in such times of uncertainty when life remains on the brink of falling, and you’ve just witnessed an adrenaline rush that gets you motivated to face challenges once again.

One can enjoy fishing alone and with just one person too

While you would mention many other trips without anyone to accompany you but at some point, you’d have to come in contact with someone. But fishing can be your escaped from the suffocating isolation for some “me time” right in the middle of life as it swims around your vessel. Don’t forget that fishing can surely provide you a chance to refresh yourself as the freshwater can also be used to go for a skinny dip or just keep your feet dipped and feel it flow. This would help you fish from the banks and avoid further human contact with boat owners and even maintain the precautionary distance that’s recommended.

So, take a deep breath, and give it a thought! Do you want to let life squirm and splash for some fun, or do you to give fun another chance? I guessed correctly; you opted for the second option; be safe and happy fishing guys!

A Chance To Shrug-Off The Negativity With A Trip

As the world goes into isolation, and you are one of the lucky ones who are saved from the adversities of negativity going on, you must be thankful for this blessing. Celebrate this bliss by spending some quality time with your friends and family! The soothing sound from the waves as they harmonically form the crest and troughs on the surface, and then all of a sudden, as your hook gets caught into something that’s tugging away hard at it! It’s salmon! It’s about to get a bit hasty as the fish tears through the surface with you reeling the line back. This is one of the many things you can be doing out on the water in these times of negativity, where the tantric effects of the water can help you gulp down some positivity. Let’s see a list of some things that you can do for fun!

Fishing – this is undoubtedly an adventure

For many, this wouldn’t be the case, but as this blog is penned down by a fishing maniac, I’m telling you what a heartthrob fishing is when you want to kick out some negativity. The unwinding and winding of the line, the hustle of the fishes as they try to get loose of your hook – it’s something that would fill you with adrenaline. And an adrenaline rush just helps you forget the negativity and gives you a whole gush of adventuristic happiness. And believe me, this is precisely what you and I need in these times of gloominess.

Skinny dipping in a lake or right at river’s mouth

In these times, when you want to find some solace, go to the point where the river meets the sea, and yeah, not exactly at the mouth because you won’t be able to handle the waters hitting each other. But yes, somewhere near that place, and shed your clothes and step into it. This is precisely what you would need now, unlike your pool, where you would just keep floating for a while and have plenty of time to think over lousy stuff. A skinny dip here would require you to keep adjusting yourself to changing water speeds and levels, and with your family some small games of pushing and getting each other off-balance, it’s surely going to tire you. And you won’t have time to think about all the problems and tensions.

A personal riverside party and swimming trip

Cut everyone off from this party and gather some of your close friends, or if it’s about the family, you should just get your nearest once and load that trunk with some grills and meat – leave for the riverside ASAP. Heat that grill leave one of the others and rush into the flowing water. It’s an experience at a whole new level, the flowing water takes the negativity away as it goes around you. And once you’ve washed it away, it’s time for some steaks and a beer so you can laugh at some foolish jokes and for once shrug off all the negativity that out there.

portland oregon fishing guides

Fishing Charters & Tours in Oregon Coast by NW Sturgeon Adventures

Oregon Coast is a popular fishing spot for people, scrumptious and fulfilling sizes of salmons and other fishes are found here. Every year during peak seasons when fishes travel to their spawning grounds either downriver or upwards opposing the Columbia river, hundreds of fishing enthusiasts and adventure lovers swarm the coasts to get their hands on a couple of fishes. While you may find numerous Portland Oregon fishing guides, NW Sturgeon Adventures brings fishing charters and tours for an experience unlike anything before it. We bring you details of the fishing charters and tours by the company, so you make an informed choice the next time you plan a fishing tour.

Fishing Charters by NW Sturgeon Adventures

While their services are already a class apart when it comes to Columbia River fishing guides Portland, we would shed some specs of a fishing charter with NW Sturgeon:

  • Well-maintained boats – this is something important, where many charter providers would provide you with a mediocre boast, NW Sturgeon ensures the best-maintained boast are open for hire.
  • Each of the Fishing charters has enough space to accommodate at least 6 anglers to comfortably enjoy a whole day of fishing on the Oregon Coast
  • Expert helmsmen – each of NW Sturgeon’s helmsmen are trained and skilled in navigating their vessels. Waters might be unpredictable, and your safety cannot be vested into the hands of inexperienced personnel.
  • Best Price – NW Sturgeon Adventures operates with a mission to make fishing a popular leisurely activity. For this, they have made sure that pricing is affordable with quality charter services.

Fishing Guides by NW Sturgeon Adventures

If you’re a couple who loves to go fishing together and have forever found it an experience that reignites the fun in your relation, I believe that fishing guides by NW Sturgeon Adventures are a sure shot option you would want to consider:

  • Like their fishing charters, fishing guides by NW Sturgeon Adventures makes it possible for you to have the best-maintained boats well equipped for short fishing tours.
  • Each guide comes with storage space and some extra buckets to help you keep your catch if you’ve gotten quite lucky and fished a load.
  • The fishing guides are well suited for 2 people or in case if you’re a solitary angler who needs nothing more when they’ve got their rod in their hands.
  • Likewise, the helmsmen are trained to handle these smaller boats in fishing guides and ensure that you safely reach back to the shore and enjoy a feast of your catch.

With details of the fishing charters and guides by NW Sturgeon Adventures, I think it’s become a whole lot easier for you to make a choice and opt for a quality provider the next time you go fishing.